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Chef Thomas Barker - (707) 294-2285
Serving Napa, Sonoma And Surrounding Counties In The North Bay Area Of California


As a busy professional, I understand the time and energy constraints facing today’s single professionals and two-career families. While we all know that we should eat better and pay more attention to our nutrition, many of us are prevented from doing so. We simply don’t have the time to research nutrition, learn cooking techniques and take the other steps necessary to provide highly nutritious and delicious food for ourselves and our loved ones. Regrettably, it is often much easier to stop by the local fast food establishment, order in a pizza, or grab something from the grocer’s freezer that is filled with preservatives, dyes, and chemicals.


What’s your time worth on an hourly basis? How much time do you spend on groceries that are thrown out of the bottom of the refrigerator every week? How much do you spend on fast food and take out? What would you rather be doing instead of standing in line at the grocery store or sitting in the drive thru? What about going out to eat? Parking? Will it be crowded? Is it a good or bad day for the server? Does the kitchen really comply with my specific requests because of likes/dislikes and allergies? Tipping?


It is all done for you. You save the 10 to 12 hours a week it takes to prepare the menu, shop for the freshest ingredients, cook the dinner, and clean up the kitchen. My personal chef service will provide you with the finest and freshest meals prepared with quality ingredients in the safety of your own home. You can save these precious hours to do the things you love and need to do and still enjoy fantastic meals.

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Food for Thought:

Are you just visiting Napa / Sonoma area but don't want to eat out every day / night? Let Chef Barker start you off right in the morning, afternoon or evening with his gourmet meals cooked to your specification for you and your guests.

Why Use NVPC?

The Perfect Gift For The Friend Who Has Everything

Wedding And Anniversary Gifts

New Moms & Dads

Why Use NVPC?

Returning Home From The Hospital

Harried, Hectic Schedules

Dislike Of Shopping And/Or Cooking

Why Use NVPC?

Tired Of Fast Food And Food Additives

Tired Of Eating Out

Want Healthy Foods

About Me:


Chef Thomas Barker

Chef Barker’s passion for cooking started at a young age helping his mother with the nightly dinners in their family’s suburban New York home. His professional experience started in his teen years as an apprentice shucking clams and oysters at a local seafood/steak house, with his career in the food service industry taking off from there.






Chef Barker is a proud member of the APPCA, a fully licensed and insured Professional Food Manager, and a Serve Safe food handler certified by the National Restaurant Association.

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